Cindy Crawford values family life over anything else.

The Gerber family

The Gerber family

The 51-year-old supermodel is starring alongside her husband, Rande Gerber, and their two children, Kaia, 16, and Presley, 18, in the Swiss watchmaker Omega's first-ever family campaign, and Cindy admitted she thinks times goes "way too fast", especially when you are raising kids.

Even though she was at the top of the fashion world for decades, Cindy insists nothing compares to experiencing "real life" with those closest too you.

Speaking to Prestige Hong Kong magazine, Cindy said: "All of those times, with my husband, daughter and my son, [and] our dog ... real life. Those are the most important. I'm also very grateful, because when Omega signed me I was a 26-year-old model on the cover of Vogue, and they've let me grow up. They don't expect me still to be that, they've let me evolve as a woman. Time does go fast, way too fast."

Cindy also revealed that she will always give her children any advice they need and when it comes to their modelling work, she tells them to "treat it like a job" at all times.

She said: "Of course - I give my kids advice about everything.

"In terms of modelling, because it's their job, my main advice is just to treat it like a job. To be on time, to be professional, to not be on your phone but to really engage with the hairdresser and the make-up artist and the photographer, otherwise you miss so much if you're just head down. In terms of how you are as a model, I don't think you can teach that really, they need to find that for themselves."

Recently, Cindy starred alongside her son in a Pepsi advert which aired during the Super Bowl and Presley admitted he particularly enjoyed their commute to and from the set.

He said: "We literally drove from our house to work together, then drove home together. But we're a really tight family, so it was just like going to work with one of your friends. It was so fun, and easy."