S Club have bought back Paul Cattermole's BRIT Award, years after he was forced to sell it.

S Club star Paul Cattermole died in April aged just 46

S Club star Paul Cattermole died in April aged just 46

The pop star - who died of heart failure earlier this year aged just 46 - had endured years of financial hardship after shooting to fame as part of the 'Bring It All Back' hitmakers in the late 1990s and sold his award statue in an attempt to make ends meet but now his bandmates Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Tina Barrett, and Bradley McIntosh, have been able to retrieve it.

The group recently completed their 'Good Times' reunion tour across the UK and it has now been revealed that when Paul's brother Colin went to see the show at London's O2 Arena, they were able to give the award to him.

On Friday (03.11.23), he wrote on Instagram: "This experience was not only surreal and emotional for me but also for my other brother, my wife, and Paul’s closest friends who shared the evening with us.

“After the show backstage, we had a heartfelt reunion with the band.

“To our astonishment, they had managed to retrieve my brother’s Brit Award and presented it to us as a touching gesture."

Colin went on to add that it is a "profound honour" to be able to have the award, as it stands for the "dedication" his brother had to his pop music career.

He said: "Holding the award is a profound honour, symbolizing my brother’s exceptional work ethic and dedication to his craft.

"These moments underscore the enduring impact of music and art in paying tribute to the memory of our loved ones and celebrating their legacy."

In 2018, Paul explained that he wished he had been able to sell his BRIT Awards away from the glare of the media as he alleged that he "didn't make much money" to begin with at the height of his pop career.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', he said: "Selling the BRIT Award was in no way a PR thing, I regret in a way how it had gone. I was hoping to be able to sell them without a furore. I never got much money no, but that's by the by, lots of people don't. Even some of the biggest bands in history didn't make money until they came back. It's expensive to run a band."