Colton Haynes has said coming out as gay "changed [his] life for the better."

Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

The 28-year-old actor - who is currently engaged to celebrity florist Jeff Leatham - made the confession during an interview in May 2016, and has said that whilst it took him a while to be "comfortable enough" to speak about his sexuality, he admits he's now "proud" of who he is.

During a Q&A session on Entertainment Weekly's Tumblr account, Colton was asked by a fan what advice he could give to others who are struggling with their sexuality, and he wrote: "I can honestly say that it takes time to be comfortable enough to come has to be on your own time but when i changed my life for the better! It opened up so many doors for me and i dont have to feel like the elephant in the room anymore. Theres so much support i never knew was available for me and i am so proud to say that i am gay and it hasnt done anything to hurt what i love to do in life. Times are thankfully changing (sic)"

But it wasn't smooth sailing for the 'Teen Wolf' actor, as he also admitted he went through an "intense struggle" and even suffered a "breakdown" before he could come to terms with his sexuality.

When one fan asked if it was a challenge to come out, and Colton wrote: "It was an intense struggle for years. All the self shame lead me to have a breakdown and i had to quite for a while. Once i came out it all went away. I got multiple offers for work and honestly havent felt better. It changes your life and if someone isnt going to hire me for being born the way that i am...they dont deserve my time or energy. (sic)"

And when the 'Arrow' star was asked where he would see himself in 10 years time, he admitted he wants to have "at least three kids" with Jeff.

He replied: "HMMMMMM>>>>> I will be married. have at least 3 kids. Will still dye my greys. Will own a 69 corvette stingray. Will hopefully have at least one ab. And will still be trying to be the head writer of the Taco Bell sauce packets (sic)"