Dame Helen Mirren was introduced to Instagram by Vin Diesel.

Dame Helen Mirren has more than a million Instagram followers

Dame Helen Mirren has more than a million Instagram followers

The 77-year-old actress has more than one million followers on the photo-sharing platform, and she's admitted to being introduced to Instagram by the 'Fast and Furious' star.

Helen told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It was Vin and his team who sort of first introduced me to Instagram.

"That was, like, I don't know how many years ago - seven years ago? - but it was a world I wasn't really aware of and they went, 'Oh, no, Helen, you've gotta do this.'"

The award-winning actress joined Instagram in December 2016 and she quickly developed a sizeable following on the platform.

Despite this, Helen insists she's not an Instagram expert.

She quipped: "I'm not very good at it."

Meanwhile, Helen previously claimed that she wants to "age disgracefully".

The acclaimed actress also described her life as a "non-stop adventure".

She told BAZAAR.com: "I don't want to age gracefully, I want to age disgracefully.

"Ageing is a cause for celebration and the reality is that it’s a non-stop adventure. That’s what I enjoy."

What's more, Helen has encouraged other women to "find their own sense of worth".

The Hollywood star - who played Queen Elizabeth in the 2006 drama movie 'The Queen' - explained: "I want to encourage and help young people find their own sense of worth and ability to go forward in life.

"In my experience, self-worth and confidence doesn't come from looking inward, but from when you start to look outward at the things you can do in the world for other people."

Helen also revealed that she and her husband Taylor Hackford both used the COVID-19 lockdown to "get as healthy as possible".

She said: "My husband and I, because we’re both older, agreed we had to get as healthy as possible during lockdown.

"We both adopted our own exercise programmes; I did yoga and he did pilates. It was a great opportunity to reset."