Danny O'Donoghue would happily take a male contraceptive pill.

Danny O'Donoghue

Danny O'Donoghue

The Script frontman insists birth control should be a joint responsibility for both partners and doesn't think the "burden" should always fall on women, particularly as the pill can cause "problems with hormones".

He said: "There have been new stories recently about scientists making advancements on the male contraceptive pill - and it's stirred up debate. A poll found a third of men in the UK said they'd be open to taking it - but I think it should be more.

"Birth control is a responsibility that should be shared between both men and women. With condoms, it's an issue for both sexes - but women have to bear the obligation of contraception with the pill. And, as a guy with three sisters, I know the female pill can cause problems with hormones, and can be annoying to take. So men should shoulder some of the burden too. When they invent it, I'd be happy to take it, no problem."

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old singer has thrown himself into boxing and martial arts training since his beloved mother died in February, 11 years to the day his father passed away, as he finds it helpful for easing his "negative emotions" and feelings of anxiety.

Writing in his guest column for Closer magazine, he said: "I do two hours of Muay Thai training every day. I've always loved exercising but I've found boxing and Muay Thai particularly helpful since losing my mum in February. If you're strong in your body, you're strong in your mind and it really helps getting out negative emotions. I go to an old-school studio - it's great for getting out the day's anxiety."