Dappy has been given a suspended sentence for possessing a knife.



The N-Dubz star - real name Costas Contostavlos - wept and thanked the judge when he was handed a nine-month jail term, suspended for two years, in court on Monday (26.06.17), after pleading guilty to the offence earlier this month.

The 'Number One' hitmaker was sporting a black eye after being attacked while on remand.

Judge Nigel Lithman QC warned the singer he had to "act as a proper role model".

And speaking as he left court, Dappy vowed to return to his music career.

He said: "I wanna focus on what I'm best at and that's making music for the masses - that's all I can say, you know what I mean?"

In court, Dappy's partner Imani Campbell - who he had been arguing with when he brandished the knife outside their home - insisted he hadn't been responsible for their row.

She said: "I think when a male and a female are in a relationship and an argument occurs, the male may come across as the bad one, and that's not always the case."

In a previous hearing, Dappy had given evidence at Luton Crown Court from Peterborough Prison via video link and admitted to brandishing a butcher's knife, but was cleared of common assault on Imani.

He said at the time: "I plead guilty and I'm sorry."

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star was filmed with the weapon outside of his home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, in the early hours of the morning on May 10, by neighbours who heard a commotion.

The rapper - who was refused bail - was also accused of using threatening words and behaviour to members of the public but the charge was discontinued by the Crown.

Meanwhile, Dappy has three children with his ex-partner Kaye Vassell and their former landlord claimed last year that he caused £70,000 of damage to a property the family rented, making it "unfit for humans".

The landlord of the £1.7 million rented country home said: "[It's] unfit for humans. It's disgusting. The place was beautiful, now it's a bombsite."

However, Dappy insisted at the time that any issues with the house occurred after he left, as he "categorically didn't" damage the house in any way.

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