David Arquette thinks he can "out-crazy most people".

David Arquette

David Arquette

The 49-year-old actor turned his hand to professional wrestling in 2000, when he had a stint in World Championship Wrestling - which went bust shortly afterwards - and he remains determined to prove that he's "tough and crazy".

He said: "It’s deep, the love I have for wrestling.

"And through that 20 years, I’d go to matches where people were sometimes really mean to me, or spit on me, and my wife was always like, ‘Why do you come here?’

"But I realised I never got the respect from those people that I wanted. I was never able to prove to them that I’m tough and crazy, too. And that’s one thing I’ve learned through this whole experience: I can out-crazy most people."

David's new film, 'You Cannot Kill David Arquette', follows his return to wrestling, and he's admitted he still struggles with his previous experiences in the sport.

He told The Independent: "I’m gonna sound so cliched, but this wasn’t so much about wrestling as it was about wrestling with myself.

"The self-abuse, being critical of myself. We all have that voice in our heads, but some of us have it louder than others. I still get it sometimes, those moments where I beat myself up or say something and I’m like, ‘Why did I say that?’ I’ll obsess over it."

David also admitted that the experience has taught him new lessons about himself.

The actor - who is joined in the film by the likes of Courteney Cox and wrestling icons Ric Flair and Mick Foley - said: "Through all of this, I’ve discovered how to be kinder to myself. And that’s a tough thing for a wrestler to say."