David Beckham at The Sun Military Awards

David Beckham at The Sun Military Awards

David Beckham said it was ’humbling’ to attend the Sun newspaper’s Military Awards last night, where he gave an award to the crew of the HMS Illustrious.

Beckham was just one of the famous faces who were on hand to recognise the work of the British servicemen and women, as Simon Cowell, Rod Stewart, and Prince Charles were also at the ceremony.

Beckham presented the Hero Abroad Award to the crew of the HMS Illustrious in celebration of the ship’s thirty years of service. The war ship has now been decommissioned.

Awards were given to the ship’s first skipper Admiral Sir Jock Slater and its last, Captain Mike Utley who had both helped and protected nations around the world.

And it was an important moment for Beckham. Speaking at the ceremony, he said: "It is truly humbling to be here tonight. It's a true honour to give this award."

This was a message that was reiterated by Cowell, who said he was proud to be British when he saw the work that our military personnel do.

He said: "It is humbling and it puts what we do into perspective. You're feet away from people who have risked their lives. It makes me proud to be British."

As part of a tribute to the ship - nicknamed Old Lusty - 'Unbroken' director Angelina Jolie also sent a video message in which she thanked the 1,000-strong crew for risking their lives for the greater good of others.

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