David Beckham is a "huge foodie" - but he's still determined to eat healthily.

David Beckham

David Beckham

The retired soccer star has revealed that while he loves to indulge his tastebuds, he always pays attention to what he eats, because he's determined to remain healthy.

He shared: "I try to eat the right things. Avocado, eggs, whole grains, not too much red meat, lots of fish, grilled chicken.

"I'm a huge foodie, but I try to eat as clean as possible, even when I'm going somewhere where the food is going to be rich."

David, 42, also revealed he's turned to SoulCycle in a bid to stay in tip-top condition following his retirement from soccer.

The former England captain explained to Esquire: "After 22 years of training at the highest level, I like to enjoy myself now. SoulCycle is one thing that, when I come out afterward, I feel better in every way.

"I've been competitive my whole life, and I still want to win, but with SoulCycle there's no competition at all, and I like that."

Meanwhile, David has lifted the lid on his beauty regime, admitting he occasionally indulges in a face mask to maintain his good looks.

He said: "One thing I do love is a face mask. Which I do in private, and definitely don't put on Instagram.

"You know, getting in bed, putting the telly on, and putting a face mask on. When you've had a rough day, it makes you feel nice."

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