David Letterman was devastated sending his son off to college.

David Letterman was more emotional than he expected

David Letterman was more emotional than he expected

The 75-year-old talk show legend recently dropped his 18-year-old son Harry off at school, and he found the process a lot more emotional than he expected.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' this week, he said: "The separation of the kid leaving home I thought it would be nothing but it's devastating. Am I the only one that feels that way?

"He's been gone a month today. We had a truckload of crap to take up to his room and his room man, it's not as big as the desk.".

He recalled the big day, parking their truck "several acres away" in 96 degree heat before carrying the boxes up "three flights of stairs".

Letterman called up his son a week later to find out how he was getting on, and he was stunned by the response to one of his tongue in cheek questions.

He added: "I said ''Harry have you met the kid yet that sells weed?'. I'm thinking this would get a good laugh. Harry says, 'I cannot confirm or deny.' "

The TV icon stepped down from 'The Late Show' in 2015, and previously admitted while he missed working on the programme at first, he was glad to spend more time with Harry while he had the chance.

He said: "The first year I sure did [miss late night]. You get into a rhythm so I miss that. But the best part is, I get to do stuff with my son.

"Look at me - how much longer am I going to be around? I want to be the best friend. But he’s not keen on me being the best friend."

And he has since revealed he felt fine about his decision to step down until his final day.

He explained: "Everything felt fine until the last show. I felt great about the show until all of the set was in a dumpster out on 53rd street. And then it was suddenly 'ohh yeah, that's show business.' "

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