Delta Goodrem believes she lost the ability to speak "for a reason".

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem

The 'Born to Try' hitmaker underwent surgery to remove her salivary gland two years ago and woke up to find her tongue was paralysed, taking months of therapy to recover, and she is thankful for the opportunity to "reset" and rediscover herself.

She told HELLO! magazine: "In the moment of what I was going through - losing my speech and having a communication challenge - I believed it was for a reason, but I didn't know what the reason was at the time. I went through a reset and found myself again."

Delta revealed her medical ordeal earlier this year, and hopes it inspires other people.

She said: "I have shared my story to encourage people to stay strong and remember to be kind."

Earlier this year, the 36-year-old singer established the Delta Goodrem Foundation, which was set up to support those facing illness and fund research into blood cancers and auto-immune diseases.

And Delta is "proud" to be able to give back and be a "pillar of strength" to others, having battled Hodgkin lymphoma when she was just 18.

She said: "The diagnosis changed the course of my life. Giving back is hugely important to me.

"I'm blessed to be able to make music, but I feel the responsibility of making sure it's always for a reason.

"I am proud to stand as a survivor and continue to give back to the people who helped save my life. I hope I am a pillar of strength for anyone who is going through the fight, reminding them they can get through it."

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