Demi Lovato went skydiving on a date - because her "ego" wouldn't let her admit she was terrified.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

The 'Skyscraper' hitmaker had been invited to Hawaii by a new partner and once on the trip, he sprung a "surprise" on her with the parachute jump, and though she was "scared", she still went through with the jump.

She said: "I did it one time and that story is pretty wild. I went skydiving in Hawaii, I was seeing somebody and they invited me on this trip, I was super excited and they were like ‘I have a surprise for you. Dress comfortable’. I put on this silk jumpsuit and wedges and they were like ‘That’s… not gonna work.’

"This person had asked me on a date if I’d ever been skydiving and I said no but I’ve always wanted to and they said ‘We have to go sometime’. Didn’t know the next date would be a skydive date. Sure enough we go, and jump from the highest point you can go without oxygen, 14,000 feet.

"We freefell for two minutes and I couldn’t say no because it was the second date… My ego was like,, ‘No, don’t let him see you’re scared.’ "

Though the 28-year-old star still regards the unnamed boyfriend as a "good friend", she insisted they are no longer romantically involved.

Asked if they're still together, she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: “They’re a friend, a good friend… But no.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Demi explained her daring new short hairstyle, admitting she wanted to stop hiding behind her long locks and since having the chop, she feels more like herself than ever before.

She said: "I cut my hair off in November and I feel so free, I feel more authentic to who I am and I also feel like I used to hide behind my hair.

"I’ve talked a lot about my past and having an eating disorder and I used to use my hair to hide behind, it would cover my body.

"So when I used to do all this work on myself, I thought, ‘What is something I’ve been holding on to my whole life’… I feel more myself now."