Demi Moore says the "incredible courage" and "attitude" her aunt has shown as a breast cancer survivor inspires her to stay strong whatever life throws her and her family's way.

Demi Moore says the courage and fearlessness of her aunt inspires her to keep strong

Demi Moore says the courage and fearlessness of her aunt inspires her to keep strong

The 'Ghost' star, 61, was honoured with the Courage Award at the An Unforgettable Evening gala, benefiting the Women’s Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), for her work raising awareness of breast cancer, and she shared how her aunt's "fearless attitude with faith" got her through it all.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' at the charity bash at the Beverly Wilshire hotel on Wednesday (10.04.24), she said: "I am here tonight with my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor and she has been cancer-free for 18 years.

"I look at the incredible courage that she held and faced and also the attitude that she had as she faced this, and it was a fearless attitude with faith."

Demi - who lost her mother, Virginia Guynes, to a brain tumor in 1998 - highlighted the importance of research in finding a cure and new treatments.

She said of the honour: "I feel very moved and quite touched.

"And also, I feel really grateful for the opportunity to be of service and helping to continue expand the message and awareness and the importance of research because research means solution."

Demi's family are having to stay strong amid her ex-husband Bruce Willis' battle with frontotemporal dementia.

The 'Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans' star - who has remained close to her former spouse and his current wife Emma Heming - recently shared how she has learned to "take in the joy and the love" for who the 'Die Hard' actor is now, rather than mourn how his condition has changed him.

Appearing on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show 'Radio Andy', Demi was asked: "What message do you have for people out there who have family members who have dementia? Who are maybe caring for them or in their lives?"

She replied: "I think the most important thing I could share is just to meet them where they're at.

"When you let go of who they've been or who you think they [should be], or who even you would like them to be, you can then really stay in the present and take in the joy and the love that is present and there for all that they are, not all that they're not."

Demi has grownup daughters Rumer, 35, Scout, 30, and Tallulah, 32, with the 69-year-old actor.