Matt Damon is a "dinosaur".

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

The 'Jason Bourne' actor rarely uses social media and admitted he and his wife Luciana Barroso - with whom he raises four children - have had a lot of conversations about how sites such as Twitter and Instagram could prove helpful in his endorsement of and Stella Artois' 'Pour it Forward' campaign,

He said: "I'm a dinosaur.

"I'm looking at the impact of [social media] and it's kind of undeniable. So yes, I think I will probably move into that realm somewhere down the line because it's so hard for us to message around this."

The 48-year-old actor has seen how powerful social media can be thanks to his friend Chris Hemsworth.

He added to E! News: "He is definitely in the middle of the social media world and I've been able to see up close because I'm with him all the time, the reach that he's able to have. So definitely in terms of the work at, it's definitely making it a hard case for me not to get on social media. I'll grow up."

The campaign aims to halt the global water crisis and Matt admitted his involvement has been a real "eye opener" because he doesn't have personal experience of the situation.

He explained: "If you're raising money for cancer awareness or AIDS awareness, we all have family or friends who have been affected by those things, whereas clean water is not something that we can really relate to. It's not something that affects any of us or our friends so it's been an eye opener for me."

Anyone wanting to help the campaign can buy a Stella Artois chalice on their website, which helps provide five years of access to clean water for someone in the developing world.

Matt said: "You can go to the bar with your friends and by doing something really simple, you can have this profound impact on somebody's life in the developing world. That's just a really cool thing to come up with."