Drew Barrymore wants her daughters to "embrace" the way they look.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

The 44-year-old actress has daughters Olive, six, and Frankie, five, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman, and has said she's keen to teach her tots to understand that they were made "a certain way" and they shouldn't want to change that, as she herself is not a "vanity-oriented" person.

Drew said: "I never beat myself up or forced myself to look a certain way, and my goals have not been vanity-oriented, so I'll be able to talk to my kids in a very real way about having to work with ourselves the way that we are. We've got to embrace it. We were all made a certain way."

But the 'Santa Clarita Diet' star admits her children are not yet at the age where they've started "looking at themselves in the mirror", and they don't currently care what they look like.

She added: "They're not there yet. They're not looking at themselves in the mirror. But I think there's a new dialogue out there that's super positive. I think this generation is going to look at things very differently."

Drew says she's always wanted people to "embrace [their] own genetics", and has never championed a certain body type because she's never been "naturally that thin".

She said: "I've always been a big champion of embracing your own genetics, because I was never naturally that thin. My goal weight does not come easily to me - it is a total Sisyphus fight. I just knew that genetically it would take starving myself and 24 hours of working out to have that type of body, and that was just not my priority. I want to run companies and have children and enjoy food and wine."

And while she does hit the gym, the 'Charlie's Angels' actress insists that's more from a health standpoint than an aesthetic one.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: "You do get to a point where you realise how important your health and wellness are. It's a must. I want to be able to chase my kids around and be a full-time mom, and as a single mom, it's double the workload sometimes. To maintain this at 44 years old I have to really take care of myself."