Dustin Lance Black has declared the UK government owes him an apology and "a lot of money" over his 2023 assault trial.

Dustin Lance Black has spoken out about his 2023 assault trial

Dustin Lance Black has spoken out about his 2023 assault trial

The 49-year-old Hollywood screenwriter was accused of lashing out at BBC presenter Teddy Edwardes at a nightclub in central London in August, but the case against Black collapsed mid-trial when the judge dismissed the charge citing inconsistencies in the prosecution's case and lack of evidence of an actual assault.

Black has now insisted he wants the Crown to say sorry for taking him to court, telling the Guardian newspaper: "I hope I never experience injustice that deep and damaging again in my life ... Listen, I never even had to testify. The prosecution’s evidence exonerated me. That is a malicious prosecution ...

"I think that the crown, the government owes me an apology. And I have not received it. I think they also owe me a lot of money."

The 'Milk' writer was alleged to have grabbed Edwardes' wrist "very hard", spilling a drink over her, but the judge overseeing the case pointed out contradictions in the accuser's evidence and declared CCTV footage of the alleged incident did not show an assault.

Black's defence lawyer, Helena Duong, argued it was the accuser who had shown aggression as Edwardes, 33, received a police caution for punching the writer in the back of the head following their row.

Speaking after the judge's dismissal, Black said in a statement: "This case has flown in the face of everything that I am. "I am very grateful to the judge for exonerating me."

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