Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is in no rush to get married just yet.

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

The 'Skyscraper' star and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian welcomed their daughter daughter Tiana into the world two month ago, and while he admitted he has created some confusion with his own words, he insisted there are no wedding bells right now.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I just refer to her as my wife all the time. So a lot of people are like, 'Oh, did you get married?' I'm like, 'No. Easy. Don't rush big daddy.' "

The loved up couple - who also have two-year-old daughter Jasmine together - are coping well as their family continues to grow.

Dwayne added: "[Tia]'s doing so good... yeah she's doing great. Mama Lauren is doing great, baby Tia is getting' big, baby Jazzy is loving her little sister and yeah, everything is great."

Although the former WWE superstar has claimed they will take their time, he did reveal in April they had planned to get married earlier this year before finding out they were going to have another baby.

He previously said: "We were going to get married in the spring and we got pregnant. Lauren felt like, well, you know, mama [doesn't want] to take pictures being pregnant in a wedding dress, so we're just going to wait and not quite sure when, but I know it's going to happen."

Dwayne has also joked that he is something of a matchmaker, and took credit for setting up his former co-stars Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who he appeared opposite in 'Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle' and 'Baywatch' respectively.

He teased: "Well then, I take credit. 'Baywatch' and 'Jumanji'. I did it, yes. If they're happy."