Dylan McDermott has split from Maggie Q.

Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q

Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q

The 'American Horror Story' star and the 'Designated Survivor' actress have reportedly gone their separate ways, four years after they got engaged, People magazine reports.

Dylan and Maggie first sparked speculation of a relationship in 2014 when they were seen shopping together in Brentwood, with the duo getting engaged just months later.

Maggie had previously opened up about Dylan's proposal and joked that he told her they were going to get married rather than ask because he didn't want her to say no.

Recalling the story, she shared: "I don't know if he wants me to go into the details on how he proposed, but I'll tell you this much - he more told me that we were gonna be married, which I think is so funny. Because he says, 'You can't ask Maggie because you can't take the risk of Maggie saying no.'"

And the actress confessed she wasn't that involved in the wedding planning.

She added: "I was never the person who was going to get married. It's all my wonderful friends who have experience in this, they kinda take over. My day, when it comes, is going to be a mish-mosh of the love of all my friends contributing from their experience and what they want on the day for me, because I'm really, really not a wedding person. I'm surrounded by so much love and so many people who care about us in such a real way and they're kinda helping guide me through it."

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