Elizabeth Hurley won't allow her son Damian to drink alcohol in front of her.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

The 51-year-old actress and model, who has 14-year-old son with Steve Bing, has admitted her child is "not allowed" to let a sip of alcohol pass his lips when she is "looking", although it is not illegal for a 14 year old to have an alcoholic beverage whilst at a private event.

Speaking about a photograph, which was taken during Tania Bryer's wedding and saw Damian holding a flute of champagne on ITV's breakfast show 'This Morning' on Thursday (06.10.16), the brunette beauty said: "He's not allowed to drink when I'm looking, but he probably was handed one and held it to join in."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth - who plays the role of Queen Helena in 'The Royals' - has admitted she is very proud of her offspring who starred in a one-off episode in the shows third season alongside her.

Speaking about Damian's acting, which saw him play Prince Hansel von Leichtenstein in the programme, she said: "One of the best things on this series is that my son is a guest star."

And the Hollywood actress revealed she performed the role of her son's chaperone for the short period he spent on set.

She explained: "He only shot for one day; they did all his scenes on one day. And I was the chaperone; my job was to pass him water and to pull his chair and to say 'I think he needs a rest' which he never did."

However Damians' bossy ways are not unusual for Elizabeth, who has revealed the teenager bosses her around "non-stop".

Speaking previously, she said: "Damian bosses me around non-stop about what I should be posting. He begs me daily for a public Instagram account but I'm making him wait until he's 16."

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