Elizabeth Olsen was “in love with” Frank Sinatra when she was a child.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

The 32-year-old actress has admitted she was infatuated with the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ hitmaker – who passed away in 1998 when Elizabeth was nine – when she was young because she was obsessed with watching “old musicals” that he starred in, including ‘Guys and Dolls’.

When asked who her first “cinematic crush” was, she said: “Frank Sinatra. I didn’t know they were old movies that I was watching. So when you say TV shows, what I consumed as a child was all old musicals, like ‘Oklahoma!’, ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘Carousel’, ‘West Side Story’.

“I loved classic musicals, and I was in love with Frank Sinatra. I would do scenes with him in my bathroom, which then turned into scenes with George Clooney as I got older and I realized Frank Sinatra was an old man. I was like, Well, maybe if I get older, I can at least work with George Clooney, as his daughter’s friend or something, and then we have a thing.”

Elizabeth also confessed to having a crush on John Stamos after indulging in plenty of ‘Full House’ binge-watching sessions.

And the ‘WandaVision’ star later opened up about her special skills, revealing she is “really good” at getting stains out of any fabric.

Speaking to W magazine for their second annual TV Portfolio, she said: “You know what I’m really good at? Removing stains. I believe I can remove a stain from anything.”

When asked how she learned the useful skill, she added: “Probably started with my mom, who’s a soaker. That’s kind of the first rule: patience. And then, because I cook so much, I think I just had to learn. I’m pretty ‘woman of the house’ handy.