Elle Fanning feels inspired by Angelina Jolie.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

The 20-year-old actress has reunited with Angelina, 43, to star in 'Maleficent 2', and Elle - who plays Princess Aurora in the film franchise - has revealed she developed a close bond with the Hollywood star on the set of their latest movie.

She said: "I was 14 when I did the first movie, now I'm 20."

Elle explained how their relationship has evolved since they first worked together.

She told People: "I wasn't as young now so Angelina and I got to relate on a different level now that I'm older."

Elle relished the experience of reuniting with the Oscar-winning star, and admitted to being inspired by her work ethic.

She confessed: "We actually got very close on the second one. Very close. She's amazing!

"She does a lot and is very inspiring to work with. To see how she handles the business and also she's the producer so to see that side of things, to see her with her producer hat on, I learned a lot."

Elle also confessed she enjoyed the experience of reprising a character for the first time in her film career.

The American star explained: "I've never done a sequel to a film before so I've never gotten to have a recurring character. Never had the opportunity to come back to a character before."

Last month, Peter Dinklage admitted that working with Elle is "heaven".

The duo both star in indie drama 'I Think We're Alone Now', and Peter loved working with the young actress.

He said: "Working with just one other actor quite possibly could have been hell. But it wasn't hell, it was Elle. Elle is heaven."