Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias enjoys "crazy" sex.

Enrique Iglesias says sex can mean different things, and his favourite type of love making is "crazy".

Enridue 38 lover Anna Kournikova admits his intimate preferences depends on "how drunk" he is, but admits he has problems under the covers if he consumes too much alcohol.

"Sex can be raw, immature and fun or it can be more about love."

Asked about what he prefers, he added: "Oh, the crazy kind, but it depends how drunk I am - or whether I'm drunk or not. If I'm too drunk, though, then there's no sex whatsoever as I can't get it up."

Although Enrique has a reputation of being a lothario he insists he doesn't sleep around, but wouldn't judge those who do.

He exclaimed in an interview with Now magazine: "I'm fun but I've never been the kind of guy to sleep with everyone. I've never judged anyone by how much sex they have.

"If a guy has sex with lots of women then he's 'the man', but a girl is a sl*t and that's not fair. Unfortunately, it's in a guy's genes to judge a girl by how many men she's got with, but you really can't judge someone just on that."

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