Fearne Cotton wants her life to be "even more still" when she is 50 years old.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton

The 36-year-old television presenter always hoped she would have children and a "great man" for a husband, and her aims for the future is to be even more stable.

Asked about her life goals, the blonde haired beauty - who has four-year-old son Rex, and two-year-old daughter Honey with her husband Jesse Wood - told Stylist magazine: "I would have hoped I'd found the sense to drop chasing all the craziness and trying to climb the work ladder. I always thought I needed to be better because that would make me feel whole.

"Obviously I'd hoped to have kids and find a great man but emotionally I hoped for stillness. And I'm getting there. I hope that by the time I'm 50 things will be even more still."

The former 'Top of the Pops' host has admitted she is "really happy", and at the end of the day she feels even more content with herself if she makes it to the end of the day feeling "grateful".

She explained: "Really happy. Happiness for me now is getting to the end of the day and feeling grateful. It's feeling grateful that my two amazing kids are up there snoozing away and I'm eating a bowl of cereal in my pyjamas. It's simple stuff. It's nothing out of the ordinary, my happiness."

However, the star has implemented some house rules to help her stay positive.

She explained: "I have some rules. I have to turn off all screens by 9 pm otherwise I get insane insomnia, and I read for an hour to wind down. "

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