Frankie Grande is "beyond heartbroken" over Mac Miller's death.

Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande

The YouTube personality was devastated to hear of the passing of the rapper - whose real name was Malcolm McCormick - after he died last week of a suspected overdose.

Frankie - the brother of Mac's ex Ariana Grande - wrote on Instagram: "I am beyond heartbroken over Malcolm's death. He was a good friend and was wonderful to my sister. He was the reason I went to the rehabilitation center where I was detoxed safely from all of the drugs alcohol and medications I was taking, when I couldn't imagine living without them. It was the place where I found the community of support that showed me that living life without drugs was a possibility and I would never have discovered that if it weren't for Malcolm. (sic)"

And the 35-year-old star thanked Mac "from the bottom of his heart" for always supporting him in his fight against his addiction and keeping him going.

He added: "I remember when I would get 30, 60, 90 days clean and Malcolm would be there with a gift and a card and words of encouragement ... telling me that he knew how hard getting sober is and how impressed he was that I was succeeding.

"Addiction is a TERRIBLE disease ... many people are suffering from addiction like I am and many many of them are losing. Those of us who are struggling with addiction must stay strong. We must continue to work HARD on ourselves every single day and help each other ... Malcolm my friend, you will be dearly missed. And I know you will be looking down on me from heaven, proud AF for every day I live my life clean and sober ... 453 days and counting ... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (sic)