Rege-Jean Page is considering growing his hair long like his 'Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' character.

Rege-Jean Page plays  Xenk Yendar in the fantasy heist comedy

Rege-Jean Page plays Xenk Yendar in the fantasy heist comedy

The 34-year-old actor - who shot to fame playing the dashing Duke of Hastings aka Simon Basset on Netflix's hit period drama 'Bridgerton' - donned a long wig as Xenk Yendar in the fantasy heist comedy, and he believes he could "rock the hair in real life".

However, the one part of his costume he was glad to take off after a long day on set was his armour.

He told Best UK magazine: "Yeah, it's a fun look - the long wig, especially. I feel like I could rock that hair in real life. Maybe if we do another one of these, I'll grow it for real. And the armour was pretty heavy - it was hot under there and it took way too long to go to the bathroom."

The movie star - who has been tipped to play James Bond but has denied this to be the case - suggested he's not against the idea of reprising his 'Bridgerton' role.

Asked about fans being eager for him to return, he said: "I take that as a compliment but I don't know if that will happen. I feel like Simon and Daphne got their happily-ever-after. But I loved my time on Bridgerton. I'm very grateful for the opportunities it opened up for me."

Rege-Jean also admitted he likes having a varied career.

He said: "I honestly like both. Villains are always fun - you tend to have more freedom with what you can do. But I love playing the hero, too. I'll take everything!"

It comes after a source said he wants to mirror the career of Robert Downey Jr.

Since leaving 'Bridgerton', he's gone on to forge a movie career with blockbusters 'The Gray Man', and most recently, 'Dungeons and Dragons'.

And an insider claimed the 'Mortal Engines' actor would like to have a "versatile" career like the 58-year-old Hollywood veteran - whose movie credits include 'Iron Man', 'Dolittle' and 'Richard III'.

A source told Us Weekly: "He's shaping his career along the likes of Robert Downey Jr., who is someone he admires. He wants to be known as a versatile actor and refuses to be pigeonholed in any one genre."

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