Gemma Arterton has always felt "too old" for her own body.

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton

The British actress turned 30 at the start of February and has revealed she is pleased to have reached the landmark, saying it is something she has looked forward to for a considerable period of time.

She shared: "I've been waiting to be 30 since I was about 12! I always felt like I was too old for my body and 30 feels right. I'm excited to see what happens."

Gemma revealed she still has lots of ambitions to achieve, including having a baby.

The actress - who is currently dating French film assistant director Franklin Ohanessian - told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I'd like to have children and I'd like to direct something, so we'll see."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty also revealed she has given up wearing heels because she finds them uncomfortable.

She said: "I don't wear heels any more. I walk a lot. In New Zealand we went for long treks, and yesterday I wore a tiny heel and Franklin was saying, 'You can't even walk properly any more!' I only ever wear heels if I'm working or doing a red carpet."

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