Gemma Collins wants three weddings.

Gemma Collins wants three weddings

Gemma Collins wants three weddings

The 43-year-old reality TV star got engaged to Rami Hawash, 49, in February, after he proposed for the third time, and Gemma revealed the couple plan to have three different weddings.

She told Closer magazine: "Rami and I are getting married in 2026, so I've got three weddings and a baby to have in two years. I'm going to have a forest wedding, which is the real version of me.

"Second and third weddings, I don't know where they're going to be yet but they'll be very bougie."

Rami already has a six-year-old son from a previous relationship but he and Gemma hope to welcome a child together soon too.

Gemma said: "Rami told me, 'I just want a baby girl to complete our family'. My brain is so young, I think I'm 15 still but I can't help my biology. PCOS has massively affected my fertility and I've got metabolic syndrome as well. The fact that Steve [fitness guru Steve Bennett] has reversed my PCOS by following a fibre-based diet is amazing. The fertility clinic can't believe the difference from when I first went in to now.

"I'll be honest, me and Rami have not had much time to have sex lately - he's been out of the country for a month. Come September, I'm going for it big time. My baby will come when it's supposed to."

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