George Harrison's childhood home is being transformed into an Airbnb rental and a house museum.

George Harrison's childhood home is being transformed

George Harrison's childhood home is being transformed

The Beatles star's former family home in Liverpool was recently acquired at auction by Ken Lambert and he's now turning the property into a destination for fans of the band.

Ken, 48 - who is in the business of commercial construction - told the New York Post newspaper: "Once I realised I was the winner, it was pretty shocking.

"I really started to think about what I was going to do with the property. I’m not a wealthy individual. It’s not like I go around buying up properties. I’m a Beatles fan, yes, but I am a big George Harrison fan specifically."

Ken bought the property for £171,000 and is only the third person to have owned the home since the Harrison family.

The property owner ultimately decided to transform the landmark into an Airbnb and a house museum for weekly tours.

Ken took the decision after observing the success of house museums dedicated to John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

He explained: "I think it was a shame that George’s house had no relevance to millions of Beatles fans, but they’re waiting in line to walk into John Lennon’s house.

"George is my favourite Beatle. I want to respect his legacy."

Ken walked through the property after he managed to buy it at auction, and he can still vividly remember the "surreal" experience.

He shared: "It was pretty insane when I was able to walk through the house. I was there by myself. I kind of walked through it after I owned it.

"It was a very surreal experience, it was a remarkable feeling."