Geri and Christian Horner are in talks for their own docuseries.

Geri and Christian Horner in talks for docuseries

Geri and Christian Horner in talks for docuseries

The Spice Girls singer and the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing boss have been approached about a fly-on-the-wall series documenting their personal lives and they are considering it.

A source told the Mirror: "The idea that has been pitched is a really personal documentary, capturing Geri and Christian at home.

"Following the recent speculation about their relationship, there would be a huge amount of interest in seeing them together away from the race track and how they interact with their friends and family."

Geri, 51, is said to be open to the idea after watching the 'Beckham' Netflix documentary, featuring her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham and husband David.

The insider said: "Geri loved the Beckham documentary, and it was so positively received that it is easy to see why a similar show might appeal to Geri and Christian now. The off-the-cuff scenes at home between David and Victoria have completely transformed how they are viewed by people, particularly Victoria, who had the chance to show off her funny side.

"Netflix would be an obvious home for their series, if they agree to film one. But it is also possible it could spark a bidding war between firms, as there would be a massive amount of interest from viewers."

Geri, 51, and Christian, 50, have son Monty, seven, together, while both have children from previous relationships.

The source said: "A show presenting them as a tight-knit family would also be an opportunity for Geri to talk about her own projects, like her children’s books.”

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