Geri Horner wants to live for as long as possible as she admits she loves being in her 50s.

Geri Horner wants to live a long life after finding 'contentment' in her 50s

Geri Horner wants to live a long life after finding 'contentment' in her 50s

The Spice Girl, 51, went through some challenging times in her 30s and 40s but is thankful for every day she gets to spend with her family.

Speaking on the 'Headliners' podcast, Geri - who has daughter Bluebell, 17, with ex Sacha Gervasi, and six-year-old son Monty with F1 husband Christian Horner - said: “For me, my 50s, I have to say my 30s I found really difficult, I felt as though I was in no man’s land, that bravado had disappeared, I had fallen down a few times.

"Then my 40s I was recalibrating, I felt like I was constructing my life as I hoped it would be, both personally and professionally.

"And then my 50s, first of all there’s a baseline contentment that I think is really wonderful.

"Of course vanity comes in but actually the acceptance that I get to grow up and grow older it’s really important to appreciate that life because I’m seeing people that don’t, that’s one thing to recognise that. I’ve lived half a century and god willing I’ll have a another half, am I gonna make it count? Am I gonna make it mean something?

"Yes I want to show off my children and my husband and myself and really experience that love and togetherness which is beautiful and such a blessing. Also, I feel like what am I gonna give to the world? Am I gonna fulfil my potential in this chapter? What is it? And how is it? And is it gonna inspire? I’m going to do my best.”

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