Geri Horner has teased a big screen adaptation of her latest novel.

Geri Horner with Nicki Chapman on BBC Radio 2

Geri Horner with Nicki Chapman on BBC Radio 2

The Spice Girls singer released 'Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen' in October and though she insisted she couldn't "confirm or deny" rumours the mystery is to be made into a film, she admitted she had a movie in mind when she was writing it.

Speaking to Nicki Chapman on The Breakfast Show on Radio 2, she said: “I cannot confirm nor deny [a movie]

“I don’t know if I would staring in it, when I write I definitely think of characters that I can see someone playing.”

When she is writing, the 51-year-old star is strict about her timing and makes sure there are no distractions around.

She explained: “There isn’t a right way to do it, but the other thing I’d say is discipline of time, so phones outside the room and literally, from 9 let’s say to 12, just write and then go and have a cup of tea, ‘cause otherwise you could get distracted by doing anything."

And the 'Wannabe' hitmaker is already writing a sequel to the book and is determined not to waste any time.

She admitted: "I’ve got my computer here with me. I thought, you know, dead time in the car because I’m doing [book] number two.

"I was writing it in the car on the way here, I always knew she was going to be a trilogy”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Geri admitted she would "love to" work with the Spice Girls again soon, though there isn't anything in the pipeline.

She said: "At some point, I’d always love to do something. I love seeing them, it’s always nice. You know when the stars are aligned at some point... I’m so grateful to them and everyone that supported us along the way. I feel like it belongs to everyone.... When the time is right there’ll be something.

"I don’t know [what], we’ll have to put some ideas together."

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