Glenn Close thinks Robin Williams might "still be alive" if his friend Christopher Reeve hadn't died.

Glenn Close thinks Robin Williams would still be alive today with Christopher Reeve around

Glenn Close thinks Robin Williams would still be alive today with Christopher Reeve around

The 76-year-old actress has reflected on the close bond the late stars shared before the 'Superman' legend died from cardiac arrest aged 52 in 2004, which came nine years after he was left paralysed following a spinal cord injury in a horse riding accident.

Speaking in new documentary 'Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story', she said: "I always felt that if Chris was still around, Robin would still be alive."

Williams, who suffered for decades with bipolar disorder and addiction, died by suicide aged 63 in 2014.

He and Reeve struck up a friendship in 1973 after studying and living together at New York's Juilliard School.

Close - who appeared alongside Williams in 1982's 'The World According to Garp' - has revealed how their friendship gave Reeve strength after his accident.

Back in 2017, she reflected on their bond and admitted she was "convinced" the 'Aladdin' actor would be alive if his friend had survived.

Appearing at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's annual 'A Magical Evening' Gala, she said at the time: "Their friendship, their connection, is the stuff of legend. It not only endured, but became a life-giving force sustaining them both.

"On Friday evenings [during filming for 'Garp'], Chris would literally swoop in, piloting his own plane, scoop Robin up, and away they would fly for the weekend.

"On Sunday, late afternoon, Chris would swoop back in and deliver Robin back — I have to say a little worse for wear."

She said the two pals were "on top of the world" during their friendship.

She added: "They were living the kind of fast and crazy life that our business can hand to you if you become a wildly famous phenomenon, practically overnight."