Bowen Yang "almost died" shooting 'Nora From Queens'.

Bowen Yang fell off his horse

Bowen Yang fell off his horse

The 'Saturday Night Live' star recalled how things went badly wrong when he was shooting a scene on horseback for the Comedy Central series - in which he plays the titular character's cousin Edmund - and the creature got spooked by a drone.

Speaking on his 'Las Culturistas' podcast, he said: “Actually, not fun, not fun to be on a horse. [I’ve] ridden a horse for camera. Guess what? This crew, and I love this crew, but this crew decided to have a drone, and of course the horse don’t know what the f*** that is, and then I almost died."

He asked co-host Matt Rogers: “I didn’t tell you this? I almost died in Iceland!”

The 32-year-old star joked he felt falling from a horse would be a "good way" to die.

He continued: “Even hundreds of yards away, these horses can clock. They were spooked and then I almost [fell off].

“I almost got bucked, and there was part of me, though, that was like, ‘This is a good way to go.'”

And Bowen, who stars in the show alongside Awkwafina, had another unforgettable moment while filming in Iceland, though it was less dramatic.

He said: “The other narrative from Iceland was that I had a piece of used toilet paper — my own used toilet paper — stuck to my shoe and then everybody on set saw."

Last month, Bowen took a break from his podcast because he was struggling with "bad bouts of depersonalisation", a disorder which is described as feeling you are observing yourself from outside of your body or feel things around you aren't real, and can be "very disturbing".

He wrote on his Instagram Story: "Taking a very short break from last clutch. Bad bouts of depersonalization are f****** me up bad but I am doing my best to get better! Please take care, be back soon.(sic)"

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