Harry Styles thinks "men, women, gay people, straight people" should be all be "equal".

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The 'Sign of the Times' singer has insisted sexual orientation and gender are "fundamental" human issues and should not be defined by politics.

Harry, 23, was interviewed on French TV show 'Quotidian' on Wednesday (26.04.17) and when the host asked about Britain's recent vote to leave the European Union, Harry avoided the question by insisting he doesn't talk about politics in public.

However, the host quipped: "But you're in favor of equality: men, woman, gay people, straight people ... that's politics."

And Harry responded: "That doesn't feel like politics to me. Stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone should be equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me."

Harry has relationships with a string of famous women including fellow pop star Taylor Swift, supermodel Nadine Leopold, TV presenter Caroline Flack and 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star Kendall Jenner and his romance with Taylor even inspired her hit album '1989'.

However, the pop star previously said being "female" is not a prerequisite to dating him.

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment (ODE) in 2014, the host asked questions to One Direction from their fans on Twitter and when one asked what are "four important traits you would look for in a girl" Liam Payne said "female" as his first answer.

However, Harry Styles shook his head and said: "Not that important," instead opting for a "sense of humor".