Dolly Parton "hates" politics.

Dolly Parton has revealed that she hates politics

Dolly Parton has revealed that she hates politics

The 77-year-old singer has adopted an apolitical stance throughout her career, and Dolly admits that she's scared of alienating "half" of her fans by making a political statement.

Asked why she's avoided politics for so many years, Dolly told the Guardian newspaper: "Because you’re going to lose half your audience.

"Even within my own family, especially the last few years since Trump and Biden, all that, it’s like we can’t even go to a family dinner any more. Especially if people are drinking – they get in a damn fight at the table."

Dolly is alarmed by the divisive nature of US politics.

However, the '9 to 5' hitmaker insists she doesn't want to "insult" any of her fans.

She said: "Don’t get so trapped where if you’re a Republican, you got to be this way, if you’re Democrat, you got to be that way. You’re not allowed to think nothing else. Well, how crippling is that?

"I’ve got as many Democrats as I do Republicans as fans, and I’m not going to insult any of them because I care about all of them. I ain’t that good a Christian to think that I am so good that I can judge people. That’s God’s job, not mine. So as far as politics, I hate politics. Hate politics."

Despite this, Dolly insisted that she's open-minded about her own views.

She shared: "It’s just that I see both sides of everything.

"I think people can change their views on a lot of things if they would open their eyes wide enough, or be willing to accept, ‘Well, maybe I’m wrong.’ But most people won’t change their mind because it makes them look weak and it’s like they have to stick with it. And that’s just stupid to me."

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