The late Hugh Hefner has been accused of rape by another aspiring Playmate.

Hugh Hefner has been accused of rape

Hugh Hefner has been accused of rape

The antics of the media mogul - who died in 2017 - and his infamous Playboy Mansion have been explored in docuseries 'Secrets of Playboy' and in the finale on Monday (04.04.22), former model Audrey Huskey came forward to claim the businessman expected her to sleep with him in order to further her career.

Recalling how she was invited to Los Angeles in 1994 to shoot test photos for Playboy magazine, Audrey said: "Immediately [after showing me my photos] he walked me over to the bed.

"I sat down, he was to the right of me and he pulled out a joint, just lit it. And now I'm starting to get speechless, I'm not talking, I'm like, 'What? This is all happening so fast.'

"And he gave it to me, and then he's pulling down his pants, and I froze. He got on top of me, and I just froze.

"I didn't say anything. I didn't give him permission. What was I going to do? If he said no, would he have stopped? I don't know. I laid there, and when he was done, he walked me down to the guest house. I didn't know what to think that night. I cried myself to sleep. You know, this isn't a fairy tale, this isn't what I signed up for."

Audrey was too "scared" to speak about what had happened to her but cancelled a second photoshoot for the publication and her first pictures were never used.

She said: "I was scared. I thought I was going to get into trouble — it's his house, his power, his enterprise, so I have to just shut my mouth and go home."

Hefner's then-wife Kimberley Conrad - who was out of town at the time - eventually heard about what had happened and got in touch with Audrey to find out if she'd gone into the bedroom "willingly", and she lied to "protect" the adult entertainment boss.

She said: "Of course he invited me, but I didn't tell her that. I didn't want to get him in trouble. That's so crazy. He didn't care about me or what happened to me, and I was protecting him. That was it. I was thrown away, and I shut my mouth."

As with many of the allegations made against Hefner in the show, including other accusations of rape, broadcasters A E advised: "The vast majority of allegations have not been the subject of criminal investigations or charges, and they do not constitute proof of guilt."

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