Ice-T has never eaten a bagel, or had a cup of coffee.



The 60-year-old rapper and actor shocked many of his Twitter followers on Friday (09.11.18) when he claimed he had never chowed down on the popular ringed bread product, before following it up with another tweet that said he'd also never enjoyed the caffeinated beverage.

When one fan asked him what his favourite kind of bagel is, Ice - whose real name is Tracy Marrow - said: "Lol. I've never eaten a Bagel in my life... (sic)"

Another follower then pointed out that his character in 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' was once seen with a cinnamon raisin bagel, but Ice claimed that he'd never actually eaten the snack.

He told them: "Lol. TV is make believe."

And in a separate tweet, he said: "White people.. Don't lose your Fn minds because I've never eaten a Bagle.. Take it easy.... lol

"I've never drank a cup of Coffee either... Go CRAZY!!! (sic)"

Ice's tweets caused a storm amongst many of his followers, with several lashing out at his eating habits and slamming the fact that he'd misspelled the food item in one of his tweets.

When one pointed out that he should "learn how to spell bagel", the 'Ice Loves Coco' star responded: "And you should Eat a D**k. (sic)"

The rapper then later added that he was tired of people on social media acting as though they have "superior intelligence" over him.

He wrote: "I love how the Dumbf**ks on Twitter can't wait to act like THEY have superior intelligence if YOU misspell a word... What a life. (sic)"