Idina Menzel wanted to be a tennis player.

Idina Menzel wanted to be a tennis player

Idina Menzel wanted to be a tennis player

The 52-year-old actress won a Tony for playing the role of misunderstood green girl Elphaba in the hit Broadway musical 'Wicked' in 2003 and provides the voice of Elsa in Disney's 'Frozen' franchise but revealed when growing up she initially wanted to be a sports star.

Asked what her dream job when growing up was, she told Billboard: "Oh, a professional tennis player. Backhand and forehand? [I am not good at it] now. I was for a minute!"

It used to be Andy Garcia, but in case that’s dating myself."

Meanwhile, the 'Enchanted' star - who was initially married to Taye Diggs from 2003 until 2014 and has 13-year-old son Walker with him but tied the knot with Aaron Lohr, 47, in 2017 - revealed that her initial celebrity crush was 'Godfather Part III' star Andy Garcia but quickly changed her mind and chose her husband, who appeared in Disney classics such as 'The Mighty Ducks' and 'Newsies' as a teenager.

She added: "My celebrity crush used to be Andy Garcia but in case that's dating husband who was in 'Newsies' and 'Mighty Ducks'. I mean, he was 16 at the time, but he was hot!"

Idina recently explained upon the release of her disco-inspired track 'Move' that she feels as if she would not be where she is at in her career had it not been for her gay fans.

She said: "I think it might be something people didn't expect of me but once they hear it I think they'll think that it's a pretty organic transition. Big voices, great disco grooves. My life is synonymous with all queer-inspired stories.

"It's about having to find my self-esteem and empower myself to get up every day and believe in who I am and live my life authentically, that's honestly what I learned from all my friends in the gay community and I probably wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't learned to conduct myself in this world if it wasn't for them. "