Idris Elba has been voted as having the sexiest male voice.

Idris Elba's voice is a hit with audiences

Idris Elba's voice is a hit with audiences

The ‘Luther’ actor’s gravelly tones won him the top spot in a new survey, placing narrowly ahead of fellow actor Tom Hardy and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, in third.

According to the Bingo Association’s study, TV chef Nigella Lawson has the sexiest female voice, polling slightly ahead of ‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson.

Sir David Attenborough scooped 37% of the vote when it came to the most calming British voice, almost double that of the 20% who voted Dame Joanna Lumley into second place.

And when it comes to controversial figures, the survey found Jeremy Clarkson has the most favourite voice, taking 25% of the vote, triumphing over the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Piers Morgan.

The survey highlighted the importance of voice, with 69% of those taking part stating they believe a celebrity’s voice plays a significant role in their fame and success, and 68% believing they can always or often identify a celebrity based on their voice alone, with a further 69% stating that a celeb’s voice is what plays a significant role in their fame and success.

Miles Baron, Chief Executive at The Bingo Association, said: “Bingo players know more than any the importance of a clear and distinct voice. When it comes to winning a Full House, it can make all the difference.

“That’s why for National Bingo Day on 27th June, we encourage people to support their local bingo clubs and experience the best bingo callers in the country!

“And for one British bingo club, we’re even inviting a mystery celebrity bingo caller to make a surprise appearance to a bingo club in June.

“Adopting a disguise, we’re excited to see if their iconic voice alone will be enough for players to guess who’s behind the mask. Could it be a club near you?”

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