James Corden feared he would "throw up" while hosting the Grammy Awards.

James Corden and wife Julia

James Corden and wife Julia

The 38-year-old presenter was stricken by nerves ahead of Sunday (12.02.17) evening's ceremony and admitted he was close to tears during the dress rehearsal for the main show.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, he told 'Extra': "Ready to try and not ruin the whole thing... Right now I am just trying to not throw up. I thought I was gonna cry at the dress rehearsal..

"I have to remember to breathe."

The Grammys saw Adele pay tribute to George Michael with a rendition of 'Fastlove' and The Time and Bruno Mars dazzle with a number of Prince tracks and while James didn't want to give away what was in store for the audience ahead of the ceremony, he had been very impressed by the tributes in rehearsal.

He described them as: "In completely different ways, the best thing I have ever seen."

The 'Late Late Show' host had previously admitted he was looking forward to the rehearsals more than the ceremony itself.

He said: "The rehearsal days, actually, because you get to be in an empty arena while the biggest acts in the world essentially perform just for you.

"It's not lost on me what a privilege it is to do such a thing."

James fronted the Tony Awards last year and while he'd love to host the ceremony, which honours excellence in theatre, again in the future, he doesn't think it would be right to take the gig again this year.

He said: "I don't know if I could do it this year, really. To host the Grammys and the Tonys in one year is perhaps a little greedy.

"Don't get me get wrong, though, hosting that show is a dream come true to me. I'd cry my eyes out if I thought that I could never host it again. But if that were the case, I'd be thrilled that I got to host it last year.

"I've never been so aware of how much I'm enjoying something at the time that I'm doing it than hosting the Tonys.

"But I also don't know that the audience wants the same person to host all these shows. I'm very conscious of not overstaying my welcome."

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