James McAvoy's life has changed "massively" since splitting from his wife Anne-Marie Duff.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy

The 37-year-old actor - who shares six-year-old son Brendan with his estranged wife - has admitted that their split has led to some major changes in his life since they went their separate ways in May 2016.

He shared: "My life has changed massively. At the same time, so much has stayed the same.

"One of the things that's stayed the same is that I still don't talk about my personal life, really. Me and Anne-Marie, when we were together, it was our policy not to speak about each other in public."

The 'X-Men' star insisted that in spite of their separation, he remains respectful of Anne-Marie, 46, and admitted he is still reluctant to discuss his relationship with her in public.

He told Mr Porter magazine: "We rarely broke that [pact] and if we did, it was for tiny things - 'Yes, we are cooking turkey this Christmas' - and that policy still stands. Even separated, we're still respectful of each other and committed to doing that publicly and personally.

"But yeah, things are really good. Which is a rubbish, pat answer."

Meanwhile, James also revealed he has cutback on the amount of whisky he consumes because he didn't like how the drink affected his behaviour.

He explained: "That used to be my drink - a peaty Talisker, or a Laphroaig. But I find that I can't drink too much whisky any more. More than one or two now and I get a bit leery, a wee bit fighty, a bit chippy, looking for an argument. And I didn't like that.

"So I mostly stopped drinking it. My problem is, if I have it in the house, I'll tan the lot.

"I'm a consumer. If it's in front of me, I'll f***ing do it. I'll consume it. I'll take it, whatever it is. I'll have a go ... And I don't know what that is. I still drink, and sometimes have a lot of drink. But I just don't want to have alcohol in the house any more."

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