Jennifer Lawrence wants to put exercise lovers "on an island".

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The 27-year-old actress isn't a fan of hitting the gym, and has joked that people who find enjoyment out of exercise should be shipped off to an island to live out the rest of their days.

Asked how she feels about people who brag about their fitness accomplishments, she said: "I mean, if that's the life you want to live where exercise makes you happy, I mean ... can we just put them all on an island, where we don't have to hear about it?"

That's not the only thing the 'Mother!' star gets annoyed about either, as she hates being around happy people when she's in a bad mood herself.

She said: "I hate when I'm in a bad mood and other people are in good moods. That really drives me nuts. If I'm in a bad mood, just be quiet. Don't be like 'Smile, everything's okay!' When you're in a bad mood and you see somebody be happy, you just hate them."

And the 'Hunger Games' actress also isn't fond of being woken from her slumber by hotel staff when she forgets to put the "do not disturb" sign outside her room.

She added: "Oh my god, when the hotel ... if you forget the do not disturb [sign]. And I have to wake up to a stranger at the foot of my bed like, when is that ever [okay]? Quietly enter the room, see if I'm sleeping, it's creepy but it's better than me waking up and seeing you."

The beauty has a similar gripe when it comes to public toilets, too.

Asked about people who knock on toilet doors by BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James as part of their 'Rage Against The Answering Machine' series, Jennifer said: "Yeah. It's locked, so I'm in here. [When they knock] I probably just say 'F**k off'."

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