Jennifer Lawrence doesn't worry about the success of her films.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The 'mother!' actress insists the only time she thinks about a finished piece of work is during filming because it's naturally on her mind, but after she's wrapped a shoot, she feels "fulfilled" enough to immediately move on.

Speaking in ELLE's upcoming Women in Hollywood issue, she said: "The only time I find myself worrying about the result is when I'm filming, because I'm working all day, and then I come home and my brain's just like, What should we panic about?

"After I've finished the process, though, it's done for me. I've done my work, and I've gotten what I need to get out of it - I've fulfilled myself. What happens next doesn't really matter."

The 27-year-old actress - who is dating 'mother!' director Darren Aronofsky and was previously in a relationship with Nicholas Hoult - recently admitted she used to struggle with life in the public eye and felt "angry and resentful" with her fame.

She said: "I was angry and resentful because I thought that I deserved the right to do what I love and do my job and then still have privacy. And then after a few years you're like but that's not the way it is.

"It's important to just keep a separation and know that the people who are screaming outside a premier, they're screaming because of a job and a character...I don't put any stock in it."

The Oscar-winning star's latest role in her boyfriend's movie is "much darker" than what she usually goes for and though she was initially horrified by the script, she thinks it is a "masterpiece".

She said: "I threw the script and was like I can't have this in my house. I don't want this in my home. It's an assault. It's really assaulting.

"But that's what makes it a masterpiece and that's what makes Darren so brilliant and that's why I've always wanted to work with him."