Jenny Mollen is battling with "prepartum depression".

Jenny Mollen (c) Instagram

Jenny Mollen (c) Instagram

The 38-year-old actress is expecting her second child with her husband Jason Biggs, and the star thinks she is already struggling with the condition, and the blonde beauty think she has made herself ill because she has been "so stressed out" by the thought of giving birth again.

The 'Crazy Stupid Love' star - who has three-year-old son Sid - posted a picture of her on her Instagram Story, which lasts on the photo-sharing site for 24 hours, addressing her emotions.

She captioned the post: "Prepartum depression is real (sic)."

And Jenny took to the site to share a string of videos, which saw her open up about her anxiety prior to going into labour.

She said: "One thing I really want to talk about that I feel isn't addressed enough to anybody who is pregnant right now, is that I could already be in depression. I'm sorry it's true.

"But I am also anticipating within the next four weeks possibly taking a major emotional dive. I think it is chemical, people don't talk about it enough

"I guess I'm preparing myself now.

"I actually think I got myself sick because I got myself so stressed out about having another baby. Because having a baby is the scariest f**king thing that can physically happen to a woman. So I know want you guys to know that whatever you are feeling right now; if you had a nightmare, if you are dreaming about your dead dog or dreaming your house is on fire, than that you are not alone. It's very normal."

Jenny has revealed she suffered from postnatal depression after she welcomed her first child into the world, and has likened the feeling to "coming off of cocaine".

She said: "The first few days after I had Sid, I told everybody I felt like I was coming off of cocaine, it was the craziest come down of my life. "

And because the Phoenix-born star knows what to expect she thinks she has caused depression to happen sooner, although she knows it should be "slightly easier" having a second child.

She continued: "But maybe because I know what to expect this time, it's almost happening sooner. I am already going through the emotions of having this insane life changing experience.

"And I'm sure it's slightly easier the second time because going from zero kids to one kid is like 'Oh my god, I am completely trapped forever, what am I going to do?' but since I am already trapped it's like 'Ok, whatever.'"

Jenny has encouraged other mothers to be "hyper vigilant" about their feelings so they avoid the same situation she is experiencing.

She said: "But don't let yourself get to a place, just let yourself get hyper vigilant about it is what I would recommend because you'll be shocked by how fast you can just wake up one day and be in the darkest place and think 'What is wrong with me? I am a new mum I should be happy. Everyone else is telling me how lucky and how amazing things are.

"The only way your kid is going to be healthy and happy is if you are happy and healthy, so make that a priority."

Although Jenny is apprehensive about the pending birth, she has already decided she will eat the placenta.

Speaking in one clip, she said: "I'm planning on eating my placenta."

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