Jeremy Piven wants to bring back 'Entourage'.

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

The 56-year-old actor portrayed Hollywood agent Ari Gold for eight seasons of the HBO drama until 2011 and in a 2015 spin-off film and he thinks the time is right to make a new series of the show because he thinks it would be hilarious to see how the flamobyant fixer has adapted to the modern, more politically-correct, world.

He told The Sun newspaper: “We’re definitely living in different times. What’s really fun and exciting about that is how would this group navigate those times? And I think that in itself is a great comedic premise.

“I think what would be really fun with him [Ari] would be to watch him try to tone it down. That exercise in itself to me is funny, just to think about. Because how long would he last? 11 seconds, 11 days, 11 months? We don’t know. As an actor I would love to play that.”

Jeremy thinks fans are "missing" the show, highlighting the popularity of his podcast, 'How You Livin J Piven' - on which he is joined by show creator Doug Ellin and co-stars Rex Lee and Malcolm McDowell to discuss anecdotes and unknown tales from the series - as proof.

He added: “People are definitely missing the show.

“I think Doug is kind of the glue with everyone in the cast; he’s the creator. It all starts with Doug. It’s great to be back with everyone in the podcast form.

“We have a lot of content and options, and I think people gravitate to things that move them and entertain them, and if they're not finding it, they're going back to something different from the past.”

And Jeremy joked Americans are always happy to keep mining a project to death instead of quitting while they're ahead.

He said: “Another big difference between the Brits and the Americans. The Brits continuously want to change it up and not get pigeon-holed. And they're all about quality control, doing a finite amount of episodes and making it as good as possible.

"We want to run it into the ground.”

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