Jess Glynne's stalker was arrested and deported after showing up at her home.

Jess Glynne's stalker arrested

Jess Glynne's stalker arrested

Back in 2019, the singer/songwriter was left terrified after the female fan started standing outside her London flat and watching Jess and after she was arrested it was discovered she had a folder "containing something pretty sinister".

A source close to the 34-year-old star told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "It was horrific for poor Jess.

“A fan started turning up outside her London flat clutching a football, and started watching Jess creepily around the clock.

“At one stage Jess basically felt too scared to leave the house as she didn’t know what this woman might do.

Eventually she called cops and they found the woman clutching a big folder containing something pretty sinister — as they wouldn’t tell Jess what was in it besides ‘stuff of her’.

“The woman was detained overnight and eventually she was packed off on a flight, and sent back to her home country of Sweden.

“Not surprisingly the whole episode left Jess incredibly shaken.”

The woman, a footballer in her twenties, was deported back to Sweden after police talked to her about the incidents.

Meanwhile, Jess and sports presenter Alex Scott, 39, recently confirmed their relationship after weeks of speculation.

The pair were spotted sharing a kiss in London on Friday after being romantically linked for some time.

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