Jesse Tyler Ferguson has received contradictory parenting advice from the cast of 'Modern Family'.

Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The 44-year-old actor - who plays Mitchell Pritchett on the popular TV sitcom - is expecting his first child with Justin Mikita later this year, and Jesse has revealed he's already received plenty of parenting advice from his castmates.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jesse shared: "It all contradicts itself. Julie [Bowen] has advice that contradicts Sofia [Vergara's] that contradicts Ty [Burrell's], you know."

But according to Jesse, Ed O'Neill - who plays Jay Pritchett on the award-winning TV show - shared the "best" words of wisdom with him so far.

Jesse said: "He's like, 'You're going to figure it out when it gets here.'"

Last month, meanwhile, Jesse revealed he had to "really try" to become a father.

The actor and his husband Justin are set to welcome their first child into the world in July - and Jesse admitted it has been a long "process" for them to reach this point in their journey.

He said: "It's trickier with a gay couple because you can't just try. You have to like really try. It's a process, and we've been in the process for like a year and a half."

Jesse - who tied the knot with Justin back in 2013 - previously said he would love to start a family with his spouse.

In 2017, he said: "Justin and I are very excited to become dads in the near future.

"No announcement yet, nothing has happened, but yeah, we are excited. We have been together for four years and we always said, 'Let's give ourselves five years just to be married,' and that's coming up, five years."