Jessie Buckley has got married.

Jessie Buckley marries after being set up on blind date

Jessie Buckley marries after being set up on blind date

The 34-year-old actress - who was previously in a relationship with fellow actor James Norton - has wed a man known only as "Freddie", a mental health worker from north London, after they were set up on a blind date by their mutual pal, music boss Marc Robinson.

Speaking about her husband, Jessie told the Daily Mail newspaper's Eden Confidential column: "He's gone back to university to work in mental health."

The couple tied the knot at their home in Norfolk, eastern England, over the summer, where cheese toasties were served, washed down with Guinness.

Following their nuptials, the pair have been on numerous honeymoons to celebrate.

Jessie - who earned a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination for 2021 psychological drama movie 'The Lost Daughter' - added: "We had many moons.

"We actually just kind of bottled into friends' holidays. Loads of friends were going away and they rented a place and were, like, 'Come with us'.

"It was really nice. Usually I'm away shooting or something, and because of the [Hollywood] strike everything got moved, so I've had a whole year just to, like, hang out."

The pair also followed their friends when it came to buying a house in Norfolk.

Jessie added: "We were originally going to move to Suffolk because we'd fallen in love in Suffolk. And, then, friends of ours had moved to Norfolk and bought this old place for, like, nothing at an auction, like pulled weeds out of it and just did the whole thing up.

"And then they showed us this house that we live in, which is, like, 1500s and falling down and orange. It's a really amazing old house that's been there forever."

In 2018, Jessie confirmed she and James - who had met on the set of BBC drama 'War and Peace' - had split up.

She told The Times newspaper: "We have broken up, yes. It was acrimonious, but it’s a tough job to have a relationship and he is a great man and we are great friends. That’s it. How diplomatic can I sound?"

"If you are away for a year filming, you are just not physically around at points."

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