Jodie Marsh is planning to be celibate for five years.

Jodie Marsh (c) Instagram

Jodie Marsh (c) Instagram

The 37-year-old former glamour model split from husband James Placido after just eight months of marriage in April and she has now imposed a lengthy bedroom ban on herself but insisted giving up sex doesn't mean she'll be a "good girl" and will still tease her fans with saucy images.

Alongside a picture of her naked body in which she is covering her bare breast with her hand, Jodie wrote on Instagram: "I was celibate for 5 years, I'll now be celibate for another 5. But that doesn't have to mean being a good girl.

"Now that ZOO magazine has gone, I feel obliged to give you a treat on here occasionally...

"Good morning everyone. Have a GREAT day.(sic)"

The bodybuilder previously gave up sex for four years before meeting James and has insisted in the past it was the "best thing" she could have done.

She said: "I was single and celibate for a long time before I met him but he was worth the wait.

"Being celibate is the best thing I've ever done - it sorted the men from the boys."

Jodie previously described James as the only man she had ever loved more than her pets.

In happier times, she gushed: "Before James I'd never met a human that I liked more than my cats and dogs. It's true and he knows, and he knows he's only just past them!

"He jokes when we're in bed and says, 'It worries me that there's such a fine line between me and the cats and dogs. Like, if it comes to it you might swing back and choose them.' And I'm like, 'No, no!' But honestly no man had even come close to the love I feel for my animals before him."

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