Joe Jonas thinks it is "exciting" to show a different side of himself on social media.

Joe Jonas in Rollercoaster magazine

Joe Jonas in Rollercoaster magazine

The 'Cake By the Ocean' hitmaker thinks his Instagram account, @cupofjoe, is a great way for his fans to experience his love of art, especially as it isn't a part of him that the public know very well.

He said: "I really do love art so to be able to share that (love of art) with the world and it be something genuine, I thought it would be kind of exciting for me to showcase a side of me that people haven't gotten to see yet or don't see very often."

The 28-year-old singer has been busy in the studio writing new DNCE music, but doesn't really seeing it as work as he's having so much fun.

Speaking to Rollacoaster magazine, he said: "I'm kind of taking advantage of this time that I do have at home and working with new songwriters and producers and really kind of developing myself in the studio and really just having a blast."

However, he's not sure when fans will get to hear the songs, though he's keen for them to be made public as soon as possible.

He added: "I'm not really 100% sure but if it's up to me it'll be sooner than later because I'm really loving the stuff that I've been working on and I'm excited for you all to hear it."

The former Jonas Brothers star was thrilled when DNCE's track 'Cake By the Ocean' racked up an impressive one billion streams, and admits the milestone is all the more special because it is such a new way of consuming music.

He said: "The world's moving so fast that streaming wasn't even a thing back when I was with my brothers, so I guess to accomplish something like that on my own, with something new, makes it more special."

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